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  We, from an unknown small plant into a national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, from the production of single feeds into the pig industrial chain operation of “Breed Improvement, Safe Feed, Healthy Reproduction, Meat Processing, Brand Monopoly”, have worked hard in Chinese husbandry land.
  China’s husbandry stage is very wide and we grow faster under the reform and opening-up policy. Pig food is very important for world peace and stability. Now we shoulder the responsibility of making farmers rich and creating green products. We base on rural areas, care about farmers and operate sincerely. No matter how many opportunities and difficulties TRS encountered, we will still work hard in agricultural sector.
  We sincerely thank all people who have trusted, cared about, supported and joined us. Because of you, we can grow very well. Because of your encouragement, we can forge ahead.

National May 1 Labor Medalist
State Council Expert for Special Allowance
10th NPC Representative
Deputy Chairman of China Feed Industry Association
Deputy Chairman of China Meat Association
President of TRS Group

Mr Tao Tao Yishan, Doctor of Management