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Ⅰ.TRS Mission: For the welfare of farmers, for the creation of green food

△ With the sense of the historical responsibility and mission, people of TRS will be devoted to help farmers improve welfare through scientific cultivation; to provide safe and nutritious green food to the public; to promote the industrialization process of agriculture in China; and finally to create a happy life for all people. 
△ We will realize our mission by a green production chain including improved species, safe feeding stuff, healthy cultivation, meat fine production and franchised stores.


ⅡTRS Spirit: diligence, self-criticism, confidence, Innovation

——Undertake his task tirelessly and without complaint, follow the time schedule, and be cooperative; duly finish his own job and accomplish various tasks excellently.
——Be full devoted to the job and finish each and every thing attentively; common employee is required 8 hours of attention, mangers to clear all pending issue even if extra time is needed; and top management level to consider building up a better company even in dreams.   
——Diligence is a professional ethics; and it is imperative that work should be efficient and improved continuously.

——If anything goes wrong in work, or you are facing a setback, be bold to be self critical; rather than blaming the others for it. 
——Find out the origin of problem and improve it, rather than just be self-critical.
——self-criticism is an attitude, that you should not only propose your doubts but also propose a way out, and make sure that it won’t happens again.

——We’d rather overreach ourselves than lack confidence. Confidence is hope of our success.
——Be confident means be good at learning, act immediately, advance persistently and never accept failure.
——Confidence is belief and it’s the fountain of a life time happiness.

——Innovation does not means creating something different, it should be practical. 
——Upgrading production scale, reducing costs, improve efficiency, creating more profits, all there factors are innovation.
——Innovation is a pursuit, that we should create greater value for our clients.


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