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Start a new era of A share listed-Written when TRS’s clock is about to ring.

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   To celebrate on the Headquarters Culture and Technology Building built in the 20th Anniversary; a western style confidence tower was designed in 2008. At that time, all staff vowed that the tower clock couldn’t be installed until TRS was listed so as to symbolize the new era of listing development.

  Over more than 800 days’ effort, TRS people have made challenges and achievements. On March 25th, the clock of TRS listing finally rang in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and TRS stock 002567 jumped on the screen of stock exchange market every day. In memory of the great movement and the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of Zhuzhou City, TRS’s clock of confident tower made the first clear sound, accompanied by the music of “TRS are pioneering people in new century…”, starting a new era of A share listing formally.

  After several months since listing, TRS’s month sales volume has doubled and profit multiplied several times, which has fully demonstrated TRS’s heroic spirit of “Striving for the Best” and drawn the curtain of starting new times for TRS’s a share listing and creating a new future in the development policy of “Seizing Opportunities, Changing Concepts, Developing Rapidly”.

  After listing, TRS has become a public company with powerful funds and a good image, but the performance of everyone, especially senior managers, is criticized by investors. Good performance will earn more finance, but the poor will quit the stock markets. This is the opportunities and risks encountered by listed company, so we should change concepts thoroughly. What concepts? How to change? Firstly, we emphasis on following points:

——Create values for customers, not fawn on leaders;

——Increase profits, not establish a false image;

——Enhance working efficiency, not consider ourselves.

In addition, we should strengthen the following working modes:

——For our own departments, we should force us to learn relevant knowledge, and the 1+5 leaders should strengthen study about 5 departments.

——For all innovative works done by subordinate staff, leaders should know how to operate so as to guide them.

——For all problems during working, leaders should not let staff solve themselves with the excuse of never understanding or without rights, but solve in according to the methods of “Analyzing Current -Situation-Finding -Problems-Communicating- Fully-Finding -Measures-Issuing Instructions”.

  To ensure the rapid development, we must guarantee through "Three Strong + One Follow-up”. How to maintain steady and fast development? How to maintain overall competitiveness? Why do we seize opportunities, change concepts and transit? It’s to achieve the goal of strong growth, profitability and industrial chains, which should be supervised by follow-up. How to be strong? How to follow? It has been found that the five methods to realize strong growth and profitability have been mastered by people but what’s the method for strong industrial chains?

  Firstly, find out why TRS raised strong industrial chains. It’s an important measure and strategy to keep growth, profits and stable development. If there is no the measure, the first two points will not last. Strong industrial chains are the core competitiveness of TRS. The five steps are:

  1. The construction of strong industrial chains: pushing forward the construction of boar, breeding base, feed plant and boar station projects fast.

  2. Developing value marketing, extending scale pig farms in aspects of boar, and so on, providing loans for large-scale pig farms, publicizing and extending money earning tips as well as husbandry management and epidemic prevention on scientific breeding lecture and breeding Experience Meeting, and helping enhance economic benefits.

  3. Strengthening linkage among breeding, feed and meat sectors to form collaboration effects and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.

  4. Aiming at the above three works, we will lay down detail items with specific time, location, person in charge, procedure, assess and reward and punishment to promote work instruction.

  5. We will follow up the supervision, site operation and reward and punishment.

  “One Follow-up” is the important way to ensure “Three Strengths”. While what to follow up? Firstly, follow-up instruction. It needs to be supervised that how about the implementation condition of every month’s instruction. Secondly, follow up the site.  Many instructions which can’t be implemented on site need the site supervision. Thirdly, follow up data. Did the data of increase and benefit achieve the expected results? Why if it didn’t? It needs to be analyzed, supervised and ensured an accomplishment.

  With seized opportunities, transformed concepts, strengthened work methods and the work principle of “Three Strengths & One Follow-up”, the brand new and rapidly developed new era of TRS A-share is to be more and more colorful!


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