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Hunan Xiangda broke through 20,000 tons of monthly sales volume; Chairman Tao signed the Order of Commendation.

Number of visits: Date:2011-11-10 12:01

  In September, Hunan Xiangda broke through 20,000 tons of monthly sales volume, realizing a historic development and making contribution to increasing sale of feed business unit. Chairman Tao signed the Order of Commendation and, on behalf of the board of directors and all staffs, showed warm congratulations on and heartful thanks and greeting to Hunan Xiangda. Chairman Tao hoped Hunan Xiangda be prudent, work harder and make new success!

  As the birthplace of TRS, Hunan Xiangda, since the inception, has been sticking to the good tradition of TRS and playing the leader role. It has become the flagship of TRS feed subsidiaries.

  Under the leadership of provincial feed business unit and the president of Southern China Region and the general manager of Hunan Xiangda Zhou Zhan, Hunan Xiangda, changing concept and transforming, spares no effort to promote “Liangjian” Action, seriously implements “Three-Stress & Two-Emphasize”. By innovating work mode and operation mode, surpassing ourselves, seizing market for increase externally and strengthening management for benefit internally, we made satisfied achievements and forged the excellent model for group benchmarking subsidiaries.

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