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As the leader of China's pig industry chain, Tang Renshen is one of the first batch of national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization. Since starting his business in 1988, under the leadership of Tao Yishan, the founder and chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Tao Yishan, has been committed to the mission of "making farmers rich, creating green food and creating a better life", and "it is no longer difficult to make money from raising pigs", "it is no longer difficult for citizens to eat safe and delicious food" and "it is no longer difficult for students from poor families to go to school" TRS's long-term values of "love, trust and commitment", practice the camel spirit of "dedication, self blame, self-confidence and innovation", adhere to the four cultural pillars of "virtue and erudition, superior products, customer value and performance orientation", and become one of China's top 500 manufacturing industries and China's top 500 most valuable brands. The group's sales revenue exceeds 15 billion yuan. It was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011, stock code: 002567.
Thirty years of brilliant entrepreneurship, zero and start again. In the new era, new dream and new journey, the gods of Tang Dynasty will usher in another new starting point in the history of development. In the year of the pig, Tang Renshen launched the "trs313 dream project" in an all-round way, that is, in the next year of the pig (2031 Xinhai pig year), the sales revenue of 100 billion yuan, feed sales of 10 million tons, 10 million live pigs, meat income of 30 billion yuan and net profit of 3 billion yuan. In the future, it will continue to focus on the five major industries of "biological feed, healthy breeding, brand meat, emerging plate and capital development", advocate the three management concepts of "organization driven, reform and innovation, and pursuit of excellence", and make good use of talents, talents, guidance and empowerment, operation digitization and factor resource capitalization in accordance with the guidelines of "industrial ecology, organization platform, talent partnership, guidance and empowerment, operation digitization and factor resource capitalization" The three major elements of technology and capital are to create a "two products and one system" of good moral character, products and mechanism, adhere to the work style of "telling the truth, setting goals, grasping details and strictly benchmarking", build a high-energy team organization with "winning for the king, survival of the fittest, and team cooperation", so as to realize the great dream of being "the world's most outstanding agricultural, animal husbandry and food industry chain enterprise".



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