Development History

『1987』  Zhuzhou Feed Factory was founded and the fist Camel feed was produced.
『1988』  Camel feed of Zhuzhou Feed Factory were fully produced.
『1989』  The factory was granted as Provincial Advanced Enterprise.
『1990』 The factory was granted as Advanced Feed Unit and ZS-114 big pig feeds were rated as Quality Products.
『1991』 The factory was honored the titles of National Class B Enterprise and Advanced Feed Technology Progress Collective.
『1992』  The factory set up Hunan Xiangda Industrial Co., Ltd. with Tai Sang Feeds Company, Limited.
『1993』The factory was listed into 36th among Top 100 Feed Enterprises and Top 10 Provincial Feed Enterprises.
『1994』  Hunan Xiangda Industrial Co., Ltd. was put into operation with sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan.
『1995』 The company began to set foot in meat processing after merging Zhuzhou Meat Factory. Hunan Xiangda Group and Hunan TRS Meat Products Co., Ltd. were founded.
『1996』 The company began to enter piglet sector after merging Zhuzhou Export Pig Farm, forming a processing and sale chain of feed, piglet and meat.
『1997』  The group was rated as Leading Agricultural Industrialization Enterprise by provincial government.
『1998』  Hunan Xiangda Industrial Co., Ltd. was reconstructed into a stock company, and service marketing strategy was launched.
『1999』  the first branches Hunan Zhumadian Branch and Ganzhou Xiangda Branch were founded.
TRS group was founded.
The group was listed into Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprise by the Ministry of Agriculture.
President Tao was chosen as the Deputy Chairman of 4th China Feed Industry.
he group has set up feed, meat and animal health branches in Henan, Yunnan, Anhui, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi, etc.
『2001』  Marketing Management of Customer Values initiated by TRS won First Prize of National Enterprise Management Innovation Results.
President Tao was chosen as Top 10 Outstanding Economic Figures of Hunan.
The group marched chain business sector.
The group held 15th Anniversary of Venture &10th Anniversary of Joint Venture Ceremony.
The group entered into China Feed Top 100 Enterprises.
The group donated RMB 2.5 million to launch Poverty Alleviation & Education Funding Engineering.
The group set up 7 feed, meat and animal health branches.
President Tao was chosen as 10th NPC Representative.
President Tao was selected as Hunan First Top 10 Enterprise Management Experts.
The group explored further, and Xuzhou and Xianyang Xiangda feed companies put into production successively.
The group set up the five financial lifeline-centered corporate profit pattern.
The group was listed into Key Support Enterprise by provincial government.
TRS trademark was listed into China Well-known Trademark.
Hunan TRS was renamed TRS Holding Co., Ltd.
TRS low-temperature meat products won the title of China Famous Brand Products.
TRS pig culture museum opened formally, which is the sole pig culture museum in China and has been selected Guinness World Records.
The group invested RMB 1 million in Academician Xiong Yuanzhu Technology Fund and presented commercial cars.
TRS First Art Festival was held.
The group donated 0.8-million-yuan sanitation trucks to the society.
President Tao attended Global Feed & Food Congress and made a speech on behalf of China Feed Association.
The group was listed into China Top 50 Meat Enterprises.
Beijing Xiangda 180,000-ton Plant, Qingdao Shenfeng 180,000-ton Plant, Kunming Xiangda 180,000-ton Plant and Guizhou Xiangda 180,000-ton Plant were put into production.
The group was listed into China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, ranking 7th among agricultural processing sector.
Premier Wen Jiabao visited Hunan and met President Tao.
The Opening Ceremony of Group Headquarters & Supplier Strategic Cooperation Seminar was held in Changsha.
The group was listed into China Top 30 Feed Enterprises.
President Tao was selected as Deputy Chairman of China Feed Industry Association.
The first video meeting was held and President Tao put forward “Customer-centered to Meet Customer Demands and Enhance Customer Values”.
Camel feed was rated as China First Batch of National Inspection Exemption Products.
The group held 2006 Plan Working Conference and President Tao made the speech of Becoming World’s Bigger and Powerful Farm Enterprise and refined its values: Customers Supremacy, Team Spirit, Diligence and Practice.
President Tao was dubbed 2005 Top 10 Animal Husbandry Meritorious Figures.
Changde Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, Hengyang Xiangda 180,000-ton Plant, Shaoyang Xiangda 180,000-ton Plant and Jingzhou Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant were put into production.
National Live Pig Future Listed Seminar was held in TRS.
TRS donated RMB 2 million for Hunan 10th Sports Game.
Camel feed was rated as First China Well-known Product.
Zhou Qiang, Deputy Secretary of Provincial CPC Committee and Governor of Hunan, visited TRS
Yiyang Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, Chengdu Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, Zhoukou Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, Huaihua Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, Changsha Xiangda 300,000-ton Plant, and Kuaiyubao Bio-technology Feed Company were put into production.
Zhang Chunxian, Secretary of Hunan Communist Party and director of Standing Committee of Hunan People's Congress visited TRS.
2007 Working Conference was held in Kunming, with Kunming Declaration issued. President Tao made an important speech and said “Happy Every Day with Confidence, Broad Mind without Selfless Motives”. General Secretary Hu Jintao shook hands with Tao Yishan and said “It’s good to engage in fine processing of farm products.
The group was listed into China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises again.
Camel aquatic feed and TRS low-temperature meat products won the titles of China Famous Brand Products. TRS has one well-known trademark and three China famous brands.
TRS lured strategic investors and raised RMB 150 million.
20th Anniversary Ceremony was held Successfully. Nanning Xiangda, Shenyang Xiangda, Shanxi Xiangda and TRS 1 million-frozen and fresh meat processing base were put into production and Headquarters Technology Building was completed. The group joined hands with Whiteshire in live pig inheritance breeding sector.
President Tao was selected as Top 10 Outstanding Economic Figures.
Camel brand was selected as China Well-known Trademark, so TRS has two well-known trademarks and three China famous brands.
TRS obtained Export Sanitary Registration Certificate.
President Tao was selected as Top 10 Meritorious Figures Pushing the Development of Feed Sector. TRS 100,000-ton western meat production line was put into production.
MS breeding became the first international member of America NSR.
MS breeding ranked 5th among the USA, squeezing into world’s top breeding companies.
President Tao Yishan was dubbed “National Outstanding Entrepreneur”.
President Tao won the title of Influential Entrepreneur among China’s Meat Industry.
TRS trademark valued RMB 2.359 billion.
TRS group ranked 203rd among China Top 500 Private Enterprises.
On March 25th, 2011, TRS A Share was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock is referred to as TRS and stock code is 002567, setting up a capital platform for further development.

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