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On May 20th, Chen Fei (left 1), Vice Governor of Hunan Province, visited the Tangrenshen Group. Tao Ye, President of the Tangshen Group, accompanied the visit and reported on the group's development. The new coronavirus at the beginning of this year had a major impact on the animal husbandry industry. However, by building the core competitiveness of the entire swine industry chain, Tangrenshen Group grasped the epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, donated 5 million yuan in donations, and focused on the restoration and production of livelihood supply and value projects. Promoted, in the first quarter, the company achieved a good performance with a sales growth of 7.3% year-on-year and a 38% year-on-year increase in profits. Vice Governor Chen Fei encouraged Tang Renshen to continue to grow bigger and stronger, provide citizens with safer brand meat, and make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Hunan from a major agricultural province to a strong agricultural province. He Zhaohui, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Committee, and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal People's Government (right 1)
On May 8th, Hu Xusheng, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and his party visited the Tangrenshen Group and donated 5 million yuan to the Tangshen Group to fight against the epidemic. They also actively reinstated the resumption of production, feed, meat and other civilian supplies. Accompanied by Liu Hong, deputy secretary and administrative director of the Shenzhou Group Party Committee.
Under the influence of the superposition of heavy factors, the supply of hog market in 2020 will continue to be tight, the price of hogs will still fluctuate at a high level, and the efficiency of hog raising will reach a record high. As Governor Xu Dazhe visited Yiyang Meishen pig site on April 16 and said: This year is the "Golden Pig Year", and pig fat makes more money.
In 2019, we released the TRS313 dream catching project, which took 12 years to achieve: income of over 100 billion yuan, feed sales of over 10 million tons
On June 30, when the Chinese Communist Party was about to celebrate its 99th birthday, the Party Committee of Tangrenshen 
On May 20th, Chen Fei (left 1), Vice Governor of Hunan Province, visited the Tangrenshen Group. Tao Ye, President of the Tangshen Group, accompanied the visit and reported on the group's development. The new coronavirus at the beginning of this year had a major impact on the animal husbandry industry. However, by building the core competitiveness of the entire swine industry chain, Tangrenshen Group grasped the epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, donated 5 million yuan in donations, and focused on the restoration and production of livelihood supply and value projects. Promoted, in the first quarter, the company achieved a good performance with a sales growth of 7.3% year-on-year and a 38% year-on-year increase in profits. Vice Governor Chen Fei encouraged Tang Renshen to continue to grow bigger and stronger, provide citizens with safer brand meat, and make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Hunan from a major agricultural province to a strong agricultural province. He Zhaohui, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Committee, and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal People's Government (right 1)
On May 8th, Hu Xusheng, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and his party visited the Tangrenshen Group and donated 5 million yuan to the Tangshen Group to fight against the epidemic. They also actively reinstated the resumption of production, feed, meat and other civilian supplies. Accompanied by Liu Hong, deputy secretary and administrative director of the Shenzhou Group Party Committee.
Under the influence of the superposition of heavy factors, the supply of hog market in 2020 will continue to be tight, the price of hogs will still fluctuate at a high level, and the efficiency of hog raising will reach a record high. As Governor Xu Dazhe visited Yiyang Meishen pig site on April 16 and said: This year is the "Golden Pig Year", and pig fat makes more money.
In 2019, we released the TRS313 dream catching project, which took 12 years to achieve: income of over 100 billion yuan, feed sales of over 10 million tons
On June 30, when the Chinese Communist Party was about to celebrate its 99th birthday, the Party Committee of Tangrenshen
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