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Bidding notice for project supervision of western style exhibition building of Hunan TangRenShen meat products Co., Ltd

2016-07-14 12:00
Bidding notice for project supervision of western style exhibition building of Hunan TangRenShen meat products Co., Ltd
1. Project overview and bidding scope 1.1 project name: TangRenShen western style exhibition building 1.2 construction site: 1.3 Huanghe North Road, Liyu Industrial Park, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province scale: frame structure, 6 floors, about 2500 square meters. 1.4 construction period requirements: 70 days (calendar days) (civil construction period), 30 (calendar days) outdoor supporting works, 90 (calendar days) decoration period 1.5 quality requirements: meet the requirements of current national construction engineering construction acceptance specifications and standards 1.6 warranty requirements: it must meet the design requirements, the national "code for construction and acceptance of construction projects" and the project quality commitment; the warranty period shall not be less than the warranty time specified in the national "Regulations on the quality management of construction projects" and the "project quality guarantee certificate" of Hunan Province, the order No. 80 of the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China, and No. 279 order of the State Council of the people's Republic of China The quality problems within the period will be repaired unconditionally. 1.7 supervision service period of this bidding: project construction preparation stage, construction stage, completion settlement stage, warranty period stage. 1.8 bidding scope: supervision services of civil engineering, decoration engineering and supporting engineering included in the scope of construction drawings.
2. The qualification requirements of the bidder 2.1 have the independent legal person qualification and obtain the business license according to law, and the business license is in the validity period; 2.2 It shall have the engineering supervision qualification of grade B or above or comprehensive qualification of Engineering Supervision issued by the construction administrative department, and have the corresponding engineering supervision ability in terms of personnel and funds. The chief supervision engineer proposed by the bidder shall have the practicing qualification of national registered supervision engineer of housing construction engineering and have the effective "Hunan Construction" qualification Market credit card ". The number of personnel in key positions of the project team shall not be lower than the minimum allocation standard specified in the management measures for personnel allocation of key posts of construction project department and site supervision department of Zhuzhou City. Enterprises outside Zhuzhou City shall provide the certificate of no project under Supervision issued by the construction administrative department at or above the municipal level where the enterprise is located; 2.3 consortium bidding is not accepted in this bidding; 2.4 integrity requirements: the enterprise and chief supervision engineer are not included in the blacklist of "construction market supervision system". The chief supervision engineer to be invested in the project shall be input into the credit information database of Hunan construction industry enterprises and be in an effective state (subject to the bid opening record sheet)
3. The tender documents require that the tender documents must be attached with the following contents (one copy with the company's official seal) (1) duplicate of business license; (2) copy of qualification grade certificate; (3) post qualification certificate of supervisor; and registration certificate of supervision engineer; (4) Provide the original of the social security certificate issued by the labor and Social Security Department of the company for the key post personnel of the project in recent three months. (5) Enterprise basic account opening license; (6) Note: if the above original is under annual inspection, the original of valid seal certificate issued by the annual inspection unit must be provided. The bidder shall make a detailed list of the above originals and submit them separately in the sealed bag. (7) Supervision cost quotation calculation sheet (each page must be sealed with legal person and unit seal), including quotation basis, quotation description, quotation statement (8) enterprise profile, including introduction of main achievements in recent three years
4. Bid evaluation, bid opening and bid winning shall adopt reasonable low price method to win the bid, and the lowest bid price is not guaranteed. The qualification examination method of the project is post tender qualification examination.
5. 5.1 submission of tender documents 5.1 the deadline for submission of tender documents is 11:00, July 20, 2016. The mailing address of paperboard documents is TangRenShen Group Co., Ltd. (Huanghe North Road, Liyu Industrial Park, Zhuzhou City), and the mailing address of electronic documents is zhaobiao@trsgroup.cn The paperboard documents shall prevail. 5.2 the bid inviting party shall not accept the documents that are overdue or not delivered to the designated place or sealed and marked as required. 5.3 if the documents are falsified or incomplete, or the documents are not submitted according to the requirements of the bid inviting party, the documents shall be regarded as invalid and the qualification shall be automatically cancelled.
6. After the announcement of the deadline for bidding, the bidding Office of TangRenShen group will review the qualified units and determine the bid winner according to the needs.
7. Administrative supervision: the bidding is supervised by the Audit Department of Tang Renshen Group Co., Ltd., Tel: 073128591298, 18610010070, email: sj@trsgroup.cn 。
8. Contact information bidding agency: Tang Renshen group bidding office address: North Huanghe Road, Liyu Industrial Park, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province contact person: bidding Office Zhang Ling 18670849919

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