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After 30 years of development, camel feed has entered the top 10 of China's feed industry and the top 500 of China's manufacturing industry. It has more than 80 feed subsidiaries in China, with a sales volume of more than 5 million tons. "Camel" pig feed, "Xiangda" aquatic feed and "Jiale" poultry feed are loved by the majority of customers, "feed a flower, camels are rich in thousands of families", "there are more than three camels, and pig raising makes more money" are well-known in the north and south of the river. A kind of

R & D and technology

The feed business division has a national recognized enterprise technology center and academician workstation. It has established a joint research institute of feed, veterinary medicine and breeding with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University and other domestic institutions of higher learning, taking the road of combining production, teaching and research.


Three new concepts of nutrition and breeding benefits should be innovated: the integration of maternal and neonatal nutrition; the nutrition and health of suckling pigs should start from the mother's milk; the benefits of pig raising should start from the golden point of 60 Jin. A kind of


The company has acema automatic weighing and feeding system imported from France, bionic digestion system of pig, poultry and fish, research base of pig, poultry and fish, food grade corn infrared baking workshop, solid and liquid fermentation workshop, etc. it has the comprehensive research and development ability of combining basic research and application research. The research and demonstration promotion of nutrition regulation technology of healthy pig breeding has won the second prize of national science and technology progress award.


Production and quality

The production process of pig, poultry and aquatic products adopts independent, full screen and automatic batching control system to avoid cross contamination and realize computer-controlled batching of micro raw materials to ensure accurate nutrition. A kind of


Pig feed innovation raw material pretreatment technology, the first domestic infrared baking technology feed process production line, good attractiveness, improve digestibility, improve palatability.


After spraying technology is adopted to ensure granulation effect, hardness and fat content. The "shark teeth" grinding technology was used to avoid excessive crushing, and the frequency conversion quenching and tempering technology was used for duck feed, and the powder content was far lower than the best standard of the same industry by 1%.


The fish feed adopts the secondary ultra-fine powder industry, multi-layer conditioning and ripening, and the special aquatic product expansion material adopts the production equipment with the highest technical level in China.


Shandong Hemei group

Shandong Hemei group, founded in 2003, is a large-scale modern agriculture and animal husbandry group integrating feed processing, food processing, animal epidemic prevention, livestock breeding, trade logistics, import and export trade. Now it has formed a feed production capacity of more than 3.5 million tons, which is the "top 10 feed producers in Shandong Province" and "top 10 poultry feed producers in Shandong Province". In Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shanghai and other places, there are more than 40 branches. In 2013, the Group invested 486 million yuan to acquire 40% equity of Shandong Hemei group, becoming the largest shareholder of Hemei group.


Shenzhen bilimei Yingwei nutrition feed Co., Ltd

Shenzhen bilimei Yingwei nutrition feed Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, formerly a subsidiary of inve group in China. Now it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tang Renshen group. It has many subsidiaries, research institutes and experimental centers in Shenzhen, Qingyuan, Liyang, Chengdu, Harbin and other places. It produces premix, concentrated feed, teaching trough feed, nursery feed, sow feed and boar Materials for the main products of high-tech enterprises, committed to be the key pig nutrition leader.




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